Shaping the Future of the Agricultural Industry

BCtracer is one of the first applications designed to monitor the entire life cycle of agricultural products, starting from the seed.

Producer information, production location information, location information, seed information, sowing date, controls made by agricultural engineers, fertilizer and pesticide information used as quantity, type and date, harvest time are entered in an unchangeable manner and information is provided by all stakeholders.

Soil, product, leaf and water analysis reports are entered by the authorities to ensure that the produced product can be used by the consumer with confidence and peace of mind. Prescriptions and certification requirements are meticulously followed.

After the products are harvested, the time elapsed when they reach the storage areas and / or the wholesaler / retailer, transportation conditions, speed information, cold chain integrity are instantly monitored and recorded. The customer needs information on the location of the load and the estimated delivery time in order to make sales organization and workforce planning. By getting instant information about the products in the logistics process, a service is provided that will directly affect the traceability of the load and therefore customer satisfaction.

The time of entry and exit of the products to the warehouses, instant changes in storage conditions are monitored, the freshness of the products is guaranteed, it is possible to intervene in possible delays, and also inventory can be followed.

In order to establish the trust of the end consumer against the products, customer satisfaction is achieved by ensuring that the customer has information about the procurement process of the product through the mobile application. Since it provides instant visibility of the whole process from the field where the crop is produced to the consumer, in extraordinary situations it is possible for retailers to recall their products only from the suppliers they deem necessary and to do this in the fastest way.

Thanks to the traceability provided by blockchain technology, a very important advantage is gained against competitors in the market and very valuable PR opportunity is provided for consumers. Since it can be monitored where and how much time the products spend in the supply chain, the procurement process can be optimally planned.

Introducing the New Blockchain-Powered Agricultural Business Network by BCtracer

BCtracer is a blockchain business network that tracks the production cycle of any product. The platform enables all stakeholders of the purchasing process to follow the supply chain journey of the products, providing the opportunity to follow the process reliably.
Management and Monitoring
The platform allows you to optimize your own operations with full access to supply chain process information from production to sales. Interaction and real-time exchange of information allows all parties to follow a fast and secure route.
Brand Safety and Sustainability
Lack of traceability in products adversely affects consumer confidence and customer loyalty. Traceability helps protect the manufacturer's brand and reputation by preventing fraud. The platform, which facilitates recall situations that may be required especially for food safety, contributes to sustainability by reducing operational risks in order to enter new markets and gain new customers.
BCtracer can be easily integrated into your company's process software (BPM, CRM, B2B) and ERP systems. User interfaces are prepared in an ergonomic and flexible structure that will positively affect work efficiency.
The application provides an environment of trust with the transparency it offers to all participants of the supply chain. Consumers who want to know what they consume, prefer the product with confidence thanks to the transparency of the production process. Farmers, producers, logisticians, distributors and buyers can access data in one secure platform.
Operational Efficiency
Product traceability allows the performance of supply chain participants to increase. Improvements in product tracking reduce error rates, increase product selection accuracy, manage workflow more effectively, and facilitate document management.
In the food and beverage industry; With the use of the BCtracer application, while the revenue losses of the suppliers are prevented, the brand value will be preserved, the marketing skills and processes can be developed by monitoring, and the customer satisfaction will be provided with reliable product usage.
National and international certification process requirements can be managed and monitored effectively, efficiently and more reliably with the blockchain application.
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