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Trust Recovery and Reducing Financial Losses with Blockchain

With blockchain technology, export and import companies are expected to perform processes such as payment and logistics autonomously, without the need for conventional financial tools, with smart contracts, away from bureaucracy. Thanks to blockchain technology, while trade volumes grow and products are sent faster, payments will be made through the application.

Thanks to the blockchain technology in the real estate sector, deed transactions will be made faster and easier, and payments will be made more securely. Blockchain technology will be able to reliably monitor and manage building inspection processes.

The use of blockchain technology in the insurance industry will reduce costs in overcoming the problems caused by many complex transactions between multiple parties, and it will be able to offer healthy commitment and pricing thanks to its improved transaction speed. The crypto and transparency feature of blockchain technology will contribute to reducing fraud.

"Blockchain technology is expected to lead to major transformations in the financial sector as well as in many industries. Credit reporting, cross-border transactions without intermediaries will become faster, more accurate and cheaper. Banks use trade finance platforms to make smart contracts between participants, increase efficiency and transparency. It will use blockchain. Banks and other financial institutions will enable easy identification of individuals using blockchain-based identities, customer identification information will be secured, banks will be protected from fraud, and the verification process will be significantly accelerated. "

Increasing regulatory requirements and disruptions in the mandate require organizations to stay alert, compliant and competitive.

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