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Leveraging Blockchain To Save Time, Money, And Life

Blochchain technologies are widely used in supply chains. The trust and transparency offered by blockchain technology is much more critical in the healthcare industry. Due to the increase in the counterfeit drug market, it is inevitable that blockchain-based technologies are widely used to prevent people from being harmed by these drugs. Thanks to the structure of the blockchain, manufacturers, logistics companies, wholesalers, prescribers, pharmacies and patients will be able to track drugs transparently.

Thanks to blockchain technology, prescription and drug dosage tracking can be customized for each patient based on the stage of the disease and the characteristics of the patient in processes that require meticulous follow-up, and the follow-up of the prescriptions can be made transparent and safe. The effects of the medications given to the patient can be observed simultaneously to get feedback.

The drug dose for each patient can be adjusted individually, private health records will contain all the data of a patient and will be securely recorded with blockchain technology, which will be open to the use of certain conditions and rules. The performance of healthcare professionals cannot be changed and can be followed transparently.

With the use of Blockckhain technology, speed and reliability can be achieved in areas such as supply chain management, identity management, contract and license management, document and record management. Patient satisfaction can be increased with effective and reliable reporting systems.

"Blockchain applications in healthcare services offer utilities for patients, doctors and healthcare institutions in line with the change in drug production distribution process tracking, patient record access and control, claims and payment management, research data verification and financial audit and transparency change."

Disruptive changes in the healthcare industry require participants to remain alert, compliant and competitive.
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