What is Blockchain?

  • Blockchain technology is a traceability application in which the data that can be used in many areas such as supply chain management, public administration, logistics, health and energy, as well as the most well-known crypto money system, cannot be changed.
  • Blockchain technology is decentralized and transparent. The information on the block can only be processed by the specified buyer and seller.
  • Blocks (transactions) can be seen by everyone, but user information is confidential. It is impossible to change the blocks.
Blockchain application;
  • Reliable
  • Unchangeable
  • It is a transparent traceability application.

Advantages of blockchain(Source)

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“Blockchain and smart contracts as facilitators can increase efficiency, transparency and traceability in agricultural supply chains and improve rural development interventions; they will also be a driving force for achieving the SDGs.”

“Blockchain-based technologies have the potential to promote more sustainable agricultural supply chains, facilitate trade and provide a more inclusive trading system. Blockchain can be a powerful engine for economic growth, inclusive commerce, and micro, small and medium businesses (SMEs). can provide new market opportunities for

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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The Value of Blockchain in the Worldwide Agriculture and Food Market in 2018
BCtracer is a blockchain business network that tracks the production cycle of any product. The platform enables all stakeholders of the purchasing process to follow the supply chain journey of the products, providing the opportunity to follow the process reliably.
Management and Monitoring
The platform allows you to optimize your own operations with full access to supply chain process information from production to sales. Interaction and real-time exchange of information allows all parties to follow a fast and secure route.
Brand Safety and Sustainability
Lack of traceability in products adversely affects consumer confidence and customer loyalty. Traceability helps protect the manufacturer's brand and reputation by preventing fraud. The platform, which facilitates recall situations that may be required especially for food safety, contributes to sustainability by reducing operational risks in order to enter new markets and gain new customers.
BCtracer can be easily integrated into your company's process software (BPM, CRM, B2B) and ERP systems. User interfaces are prepared in an ergonomic and flexible structure that will positively affect work efficiency.
The application provides an environment of trust with the transparency it offers to all participants of the supply chain. Consumers who want to know what they consume, prefer the product with confidence thanks to the transparency of the production process. Farmers, producers, logisticians, distributors and buyers can access data in one secure platform.
Operational Efficiency
Product traceability allows the performance of supply chain participants to increase. Improvements in product tracking reduce error rates, increase product selection accuracy, manage workflow more effectively, and facilitate document management.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

We plan and manage all our work in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Agricultural Solutions

Introducing the New Blockchain-Powered Agricultural Business Network by BCtracer

BCtracer is the first blockchain solution of its kind to track and trace the entire life cycle of agricultural products, starting from seed source.