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Trust Recovery and Reducing Financial Losses with Blockchain

Blockchain technology allows all parties in the logistics chain to track their products and production chain. Because the information stored in databases cannot be tampered with and changed by third parties, blockchain technology is much safer than all existing solutions in transportation tracking. Blockchain stands out in the fight against commercial property losses, overcoming problems related to fraud, misleading software, corruption, financial losses and tracking reliability.

Blockchain applications accelerate administrative processes in inventory and stock tracking and reduce costs by ensuring efficient control of supply chain data. It enables the logistics process stakeholders to follow the process in an unchangeable and transparent manner and to manage the compliance of storage conditions with quality standards.

Today, food and beverage manufacturers expect more traceability, product information from packaging and packaging. Packages are now becoming full scale data carriers. Scannable codes on the packaging of each product make it possible to track the product along the entire value chain. Thanks to the package information, manufacturers will be able to monitor and monitor the history and location of any product, so they will be able to instantly manage market performance and potential problems.

While logistics companies can perform all transactions through online systems, they will also be able to provide higher quality and transparent service with multiple approval mechanisms. With this technology, it will be possible to eliminate the problems encountered in insurance product transactions, delivery, document management and payment, which may fall within the scope of logistics management.

In the processes of transporting and storing goods or materials from the central point to the destination, blockchain technology will ensure direct and rapid relations of logistics activities. The data generated by material suppliers, manufacturers, logistics, distributors, retailers, banks, insurance companies, incoming and outgoing customs will be correctly processed with smart contracts built on the blockchain, and the transactions performed will be transferred to the decentralized database in an irreversible manner.

Increasing regulatory requirements and disruptions in the mandate require organizations to stay alert, compliant and competitive.

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